The V.I.E : a stress-free work abroad 

The International Internship in a Company allows you to undertake a secure professional assignment abroad of 6 to 24 months. You are protected by the French Embassy and supported by Business France throughout your V.I.E assignment. As a result, it provides you, your family and your employer with reassurance too !

International training, the chance to get to know new cultures, guaranteed job opportunities … But where there are rights there are also duties! You must respect the context in which you find yourself, first and foremost to protect yourself. 

The conditions for undertaking a V.I.E  

To become an International Intern in a Company, you must fulfil the following conditions :

- Be aged at least 18 but not yet 29 : you must be 28 when you start your assignment, bearing in mind that a V.I.E contract always starts on the 1st of the month.

- Be French or a European citizen. 

- Be in good standing with regard to the national service obligations of your country(ies) (defence ID n°).

- Have a clean criminal record.

- Be able to devote yourself full time to your assignment : no part-time work, entrepreneurship, studies or paid activity at the same time as your V.I.E.

- Accept the letter of appointment that you sign with Business France which sets out your rights and your duties during your assignment.

The right profile to become a V.I.E 

In fact, there is no typical profile for a V.I.E !
Whatever your background or your level of experience, you can become an International Intern in a Company, provided you fulfil the above conditions.
It is very open as companies recruit from all business sectors and from among a wide range of careers: marketing, sales, management control, accounting, finance, HR, legal, engineering, production, research, crafts...
What counts is your sense of responsibility, your ability to work alone, your adaptability and above all, your motivation for international business ! 

The V.I.E remuneration 

Being an International Intern in a Company is not voluntary work.
Throughout your assignment you receive a fixed monthly allowance at the end of the month, which is not taxed in France. 
Part of this allowance is the same for all volunteers, regardless of your country of assignment (€772,87 /month since January 2024); another part called "geographical", necessary for subsistence, equipment and housing, varies quarterly according to your country (or even your city) of assignment.
If you want to have an idea of the fixed monthly allowance corresponding to the country of destination of an assignment, see the scale in force here. 

The advantages to you of a V.I.E 

Are you still hesitating about going on an International Internship in a Company ?

Let us summarize its advantages. Spoiler alert: there are lots of them !

- I get professional experience abroad with the back-up and support of Business France.

- I become fluent in a foreign language.

- I find the ideal environment for letting my atypical profile fully express itself.

- I maximize my chances of finding a job after my assignment, as in 92% of cases the V.I.E leads to a job offer !

- I receive tax-free allowances for the assignment I carry out.

- I increase in maturity.

- I discover and open myself up to new cultures.

- I have experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life (if you doubt this, take a look at the V.I.E testimonials and the ex-V.I.E success stories !)

-… and often even, I meet the love of my life, but that is not guaranteed in the contract !

So, are you still hesitating ?

V.I.E. in figures

11 500 V.I.E interns 
120 Countries
+ 2000 Offers

V.I.A. in figures

983 V.I.A. interns
120 Countries
30 Offers

Who are we ?

Our aim is to open up the French economy to international development !

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. To make things simple, we support French companies in developing their businesses abroad, and facilitate foreign investment in France. What we stand for ? Increasing the attractiveness and spreading the image of France beyond our borders.

And International Internship, in all this ? 

The International Volunteer program is a door open to international opportunities for both French companies as well as young French people and citizens of the European Economic Area.

The Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade has delegated to Business France the management and development of this unique scheme. In reality, our role extends well beyond administrative management. We support you on a daily basis and in the field during your intern experience. We also manage the My International Internship web site (ex Civiweb).

Your partner in the V.I.E adventure

In concrete terms, what do we do for you ?

- We promote the International Volunteer program and make it accessible to as many young people as possible

- We provide access to numerous recruiters and try to convince ever more people to experience the V.I.E

- We help you in the administrative procedure before and during the whole of your V.I.E assignment

- We allow you to travel abroad to have an exceptional experience in total safety

- We offer a professional springboard to anyone who dreams of an international career

It is with us that you sign your letter of appointment that frames your assignment.
With us that you get ready before your departure via the induction day.
With us that you share your first impressions, your difficulties and your unforgettable memories !

Curious to find out more about our organisation?

Business France is backed up by nearly 1,500 employees located in France and in 75 offices around the world covering over 110 countries.
With the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Bpifrance, the Regions and departments of State, Business France, co-founded the Team France Export, which brings together all the public solutions to make French companies successful internationally.

Find us at our official site and on our social networks !

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