The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is recruiting V.I.As

The MEAE introduces itself  

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs designs and applies France's foreign policy! 

Its missions: 

·         To act at the international level for peace, security and human rights.
·         To promote French companies and the attractiveness of France abroad
·         To help organise globalisation that respects sustainable development and the equilibrium of the planet.
·         To increase the influence of French ideas, language and culture.
·         To ensure the safety and administration of French citizens abroad.

The MEAE network abroad

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs worldwide is:

·         178 Embassies and Permanent Representations
·         88 Consulates 
·         98 Instituts français
·         386 Alliances françaises
·         522 schools and secondary schools of the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE)

All of which are structures that can host you as a V.I.A!

Undertake a Business France V.I.A with the MEAE

Embassies, Consulates, Instituts français, Alliances françaises, Research institutes, etc... the International Internship in Administration allows young people aged 18 to 28 to go to work for State services abroad or related organisations.  

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) directly or indirectly recruits and manages approximately 1,000 V.I.A assignments, including:

·         650 in its diplomatic, cultural and co-operation network
·         350 made available to partner organisations (AEFE, AFD, CEA, CIRAD, CERN, CNES, CNRS, IPEV, IRD)

What Business France V.I.A assignments are open to you?

You can undertake a V.I.A as: 

·         Project co-ordinator in charge of cultural, pedagogical, university and audio-visual assignments
·         Technical co-operation assignment officer (monitoring of development, co-operation and governance projects)
·         IT specialists (information systems)
·         Press and communication officer
·         Real estate monitoring officer
·         Researchers (at foreign universities, international organisations, research centres, etc.)

The MEAE recruits profiles in law, political science, journalism, communication, international relations, cultural management, project management, foreign languages, development aid, human sciences, science, IT, engineering, urban planning, etc. 

As you can see, the V.I.A includes a wide variety of assignments and profiles! 

How to apply for a Business France V.I.A assignment?  

You want to apply for a V.I.A managed by the MEAE?

·         Register on the My International Internship site to be eligible to apply for frequently published advertisements. Unsolicited applications are not accepted. 

·         If you have not received any news within 8 weeks, your profile has not been selected for the assignment. However, you could be selected for positions more suited to your profile. 

·         Preselected candidates will be invited to Paris to take part in one or more interviews. 

·         If you have been selected, you will be informed thereof by the V.I.A Office in France.

Discover the Volontariat de Solidarité International  

Do you want to work abroad in the area of co-operation and humanitarian action within associations? Find out about the VSI (Volontariat de Solidarité International), another type of internship run by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. 

Nearly 2,000 VSIs work each year in around thirty approved associations and their partners. 

For more information: contact France Volontaires.

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