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A presentation by the DG of the Treasury  

What exactly is the Directorate General of the Treasury? 

Reporting to the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, the DG of the Treasury performs numerous tasks on behalf of the French Economy. In 5 minutes flat, the administration describes itself and shows you the wide variety of its assignments in France and abroad! 

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The DG of the Treasury - a genuine International network

The DG of the Treasury is present in 106 countries and in 128 economic departments within the French Embassies and in French representations to European and international institutions. 

In synergy with the departments in France, the international network of the DG of the Treasury meets the needs of the State in terms of economic intelligence, international negotiation, analysis in macroeconomic and financial matters and public policies. It also supports companies with their international development.

They are committed to the internationalisation of French companies, contribute to making France more attractive and promote ongoing reforms and the government's economic policy. 

In concrete terms what do they do? 

·         Support French companies.
·         Provide economic and financial intelligence and analysis.
·         Make forecasts and advise the government.
·         Analyse the economic positions of different countries.
·         Prepare the economic aspect of the meetings and trips of the President of the Republic and members of the government.
·         Carry out comparative international studies, to inform public policy.

The regional economic departments:

·         Cover a multi-country geographical area.
·         Provide macro-economic intelligence for the whole area.
·         Operate based on poles of financial, economic and sector competencies

As you can see, the economic departments in the Embassy play a crucial role in co-ordinating bilateral economic relations, promoting France's positions and analysing public policies. 

If you have a passion for these subjects and you want to train abroad in a highly adaptable environment, the V.I.A is a fantastic way in!  

Defining the French International Internship Program in an Administration

More than 60 V.I.A assignments are made available each year by the DG of the Treasury via the My International Internship website.  

You can undertake a V.I.A in an Economic Department or a Regional Economic Department (SE/SER). 

This offers you the opportunity to put into practice your skills and develop them through a range of empowering and rewarding missions.  

What Business France V.I.A assignments are open to you?

Positions available to you as an International Volunteer in Administration of the DG of the Treasury, including sovereign missions: 

·         You are recruited as a project manager with a focus on macroeconomic and financial aspects, and sectors (infrastructure, transport, energy, industry, digital technology, sustainable development, etc.).  

·         Your role: monitor these sectors of activity, produce analyses mainly intended for French administrations, participate in leading the French business community abroad and liaise with the Department's external contacts (local authorities, companies, researchers, think tanks, etc.).

·         Your profile? Graduate of IEP, business school, engineering school, university with a major in political science, economics or law, ENS, etc.

How does recruitment for a Business France V.I.A work?   

You are looking for a V.I.A? It is the DG of the Treasury that recruits and manages the V.I.As on behalf of the economic departments of the Embassies, European and international institutions.

·         Register on the My International Internship site and apply for DG of the Treasury V.I.A offers that you are interested in.  Unsolicited applications are not accepted.  For information, Treasury offers remain online between 5 and 10 days so be quick!  

·         The receipt of applications is not acknowledged, so after a period of 6 weeks without any news you may consider that you have not been selected. 

·         If you are preselected, you will be asked to attend oral examinations and to take a written test. 

Before you leave for a V.I.A, you will be invited to an open-house and information day organised, generally on the first day of the month, by the DG of the Treasury.

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