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Surface area 9.8 M km2
Population 323 million (2019)
Time difference with France -6h to -12h

The USA is 17 times the size of France ! It has the second largest GDP and is the second largest manufacturer in the world after China. Purchasing power is very high and represents a significant market potential for foreign companies.

Source : Country profile Business France

Good to know :

Language Spoken : English
Local Currency : Dollar
Capital : Washington DC

The conditions for going to the USA as a V.I.E

Do you already meet the International Internship criteria ?
Under normal circumstances, to carry out a V.I.E assignment in the USA, you must fulfil the conditions as outlined in the following table.

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The cultural work codes in the USA

In their style of communication, Americans are warm and friendly as soon as they meet you. So, you need to know how to break the ice from the outset ! But, don’t think it is an invitation to start kissing - in the USA you shake hands or, if you know each other better you can hug.  Also take care not to get carried away in your interpretations - an emphatic “that’s interesting” does not necessarily mean that the person is agreeing with you, but that they have heard your point of view.

Make no mistake - the great friendliness of Americans should not be seen as casualness. In work as in their personal lives, they are rigorous, and value seriousness and punctuality. Which qualities will they appreciate the most in you ? Listening, initiative, flexibility and rigour. And as “networking” is essential in the USA, it is in your best interest to know how to pitch yourself, in English of course, and to know how to make the most of your assets !

The culture in the USA is full of contrasts - it is up to you to find the right balance to integrate.
Source : The Business Guide Business France

Things that surprise International Volunteers in the USA

- The constitution and the law - don’t be surprised to see major differences in laws between one State and another, the USA is after all a federal country ! And don't forget over there the law is sacred : “that’s the law !” as they say.

- Freedom of expression, freedom of enterprise, freedom of religion… You can see that the Statue of Liberty is not the symbol of the USA for nothing. Individual freedom is extremely important for Americans.

- As capitalism is dominant - from stores open 24/7 to your credit score, consumerism is at the heart of the American way of life. People invest and spend more than they save ! Be careful to include tips and taxes in your calculations as they push prices up !

- The American dream - there are innumerable success stories of entrepreneurs who started with nothing and finished up at the head of an empire after overcoming numerous obstacles. In the USA, trying, the entrepreneurial spirit and failing are all valued, as they see failure as an opportunity to progress and achieve your ambitions.

- Americans are not put off by queues ! You could even say that their patience is boundless, almost devil-may-care. Queuing for two hours to go for a brunch or buy the latest trendy phone. "Lining" as they call it is never an obstacle to consumption or pleasure. 

- In the United States they know how to party ! In fact, any occasion is an excuse for having fun, whether it's a traditional American feast - Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July - or a celebration borrowed from other cultures - Cinco de Mayo, Saint Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year. The melting pot culture of the USA expresses itself to the full at celebrations. One thing is certain, Americans like to enjoy the present moment and experience every evening as if it were their last.

- Expect to be unsettled by the American healthcare system. In the USA, healthcare is a business and forgetting to check your insurance policy will guarantee a huge bill.

- In the USA, everything is business ! Prepare to have to pitch yourself at every meeting, in both the professional and personal spheres. If your hobby is drawing, you are an artist ! If you go running on Sunday mornings ? You are a top athlete! If you have any distant Swedish origins ? You are Swedish ! In short, as you can see, storytelling is the norm in the United States.

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