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Surface area 246,690 km2
Population 66.4 million
Time difference with France -1 h

The UK economy is mainly based on services, which account for nearly 80% of added value and jobs. Strong growth in financial services and insurance has made London the second largest financial market in the world. The industrial sector remains important and relies on the aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. The energy sector is characterized in particular by the exploitation of oil and natural gas in the North Sea.

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Language Spoken : English
Local Currency : Pound sterling
Capital : London

The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.E in the UK

The conditions applicable from 1 January 2021 will be known after the Brexit agreement.
One thing is certain : British nationals will no longer be eligible for a V.I. on this date.

In the meantime, if you meet the International Internship criteria, 
consult the table here !

- If your situation has only , you can try your luck for a V.I.E Assignment in the United Kingdom. Your application will be examined.
- If your situation has at least 1 X ? Sorry, you will not be able to complete your V.I.E in the United Kingdom. But above all don't give up! Other fantastic destinations will be open to you !

Doubts about your eligibility ? Feel free to contact us

The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.A in the UK

To go to the UK as a V.I.A, you must fulfil the access conditions to the V.I.A.
The administration that is recruiting you is responsible for your residence permit.

The cultural work codes in the UK

To fully understand your British colleagues, you must understand that there is often a difference between what they say and what they actually think. The British are the champions of euphemisms: “I’m not too bad”, “It’s quite alright”, “I may join you later”. Learn to decode what is displayed politeness and what corresponds to reality. 

Another cultural aspect that might surprise you: British humour is not limited to TV shows, it is present in professional exchanges. Between subtle sarcasm and pronounced self-deprecation, it can be difficult for a foreigner to realise that the person they are speaking with is joking. Once you get used to this type of humour, you will see that it is an effective way to break the ice and relax the atmosphere.

In so far as concerns working hours, in the United Kingdom, work is generally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday, which leaves time at the end of the day for meeting after work which is quite common among colleagues. This often takes place in the pub and allows people to get to know each other in a less formal setting.

You will certainly have to make tea for your colleagues in the office. Don't take this task lightly, because tea in the UK is a very serious business. Let yourself be guided by your colleagues who will undoubtedly each have a different way of making the perfect cup of tea.

Things that may surprise you in the UK

- The first thing that will surprise you in the UK is that they drive on the left. Whether you are in a car or on foot, it will probably confuse you at first. But, as they know that everyone gets confused, the British have thoughtfully printed "look left/look right" on the ground and sometimes even "look both ways" to counter absent-mindedness and reduce accidents.

- The number of cyclists in towns can give the impression of witnessing the start of the Tour de France at every traffic light. In London, residents go everywhere by bike because having a car is very expensive.

- The pub is a real institution in the UK ! Whether it’s drinking a pint with colleagues “after work” or enjoying the unmissable “Sunday Roast”, pubs are a place for conviviality and encounters that transcend generations.

- British gastronomy has long suffered from a very bad image abroad. While certain foods are still controversial – leg of lamb with mint sauce or the famous “marmite” – England is now a very popular destination for “foodies”. You can fall in love with the variety of “breakfast” as well as traditional “comfort food” – “fish and chips”, “shepherd’s pie”, and “beef wellington” – and we mustn't forget that world cuisine is fully present in London restaurants.

- The Royal Family ! You only have to look at the passion generated every time there is a Royal Wedding to understand that the British really like their sovereigns. From the latest "gossip" about the Royal Family to mugs, postcards, plates, biscuit tins featuring the Queen, any opportunity is good to talk about the residents of Buckingham Palace. God Save The Queen ! The Royal Family regularly inspires British bets - from the sex of the latest royal baby to the colour of the Queen's hat.

- Put on your Wellington boots and your raincoat and jump on the train. Head to the English countryside! Enjoy the charm of the pastoral landscapes, the wild beauty of the moors and the “cosy” atmosphere that you will find in cottages !

- “Love”, “Darling”, “Sweetheart”, etc. No, this is not a lesson on how to seduce a British man or woman. But rather about familiarising yourself with these friendly expressions that you will probably hear in the mouth of your waiter or cashier. It’s one way of breaking the ice !

- The cradle of alternative cultures, England has been at the forefront of music and fashion for decades. In the ’60s, a wave of rock and the Mod subculture swept across England : the Who, the Rolling Stones and the Kinks electrified a young generation who dreamed of scooters and Mary Quant mini-skirts. The ’70s saw the arrival of David Bowie and the emergence of the punk movement embodied by the Sex Pistols and the fashion of Vivienne Westwood. In the ’80s and ’90s, Manchester became the centre of pop culture with the Smiths, Oasis and The Chemical Brothers. A stroll through the streets of London, Camden, Brixton and Shoreditch is enough to show that this avant-garde and creative spirit is still alive and well today !

- We know the English are football crazy but do you know they also enjoy more... original activities ? From rowing regattas and water polo to cricket and birdwatching and crabbing, one thing is certain. You are never bored in England !

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