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Surface area 41,543km2
Population 17.5 million
Time difference with France no time difference

The Netherlands is 17th in the world economic rankings, making it, for a country of 17 million inhabitants, one of the most advanced economies in the world. It is characterised by a particularly large tertiary sector (nearly 75% of GDP), the remaining 25% being shared between the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. While the share of the agricultural sector is low in respect of GDP due to one of the highest population densities in the world, the Netherlands is the 2nd largest exporter of agri-food products in the world.

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Good to know :

Language Spoken : Dutch
Local Currency : Euro
Capital : Amsterdam

The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.E in the Netherlands

Do you already meet the criteria of the International Internship Program ?
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- If your situation has only , you can try your luck for a V.I.E Assignment in the Netherlands. Your application will be examined.
- If your situation has at least one X, the Netherlands cannot accept you as a V.I.E participant, sorry. Above all, keep looking ! There are other atypical. destinations to be discovered !

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The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.A in the Netherlands

To go to the Netherlands as a V.I.A, you must fulfil the access conditions to the V.I.A.  
The administration that is recruiting you is responsible for your residence permit.

The cultural work codes in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, hierarchical relations are very informal: they address each informally, often by their first name, they all eat together- whether interns or senior employees-. All employees are equal.

The Dutch are extremely direct and are accustomed, both at work and elsewhere, to expressing their opinion on the right way of doing things, without respecting conventions. And the same will be expected of you! This may initially come as a surprise, but there are many advantages to it: constructive criticism moves things forward, the right to make mistakes is accepted by everyone, and there is no risk of losing face. In short, people are straight and sincere in their communications and actions.

To communicate with local people, forget about French ! It is very little spoken by the Dutch. However, the practice of English is widespread in the Netherlands, with more than 90% of its inhabitants saying they can hold a conversation in this language.

Finally, in the Netherlands, social and family life is sacred and separate from professional life. For this reason - and also because Dutch people dine early - you will rarely see someone working after 6 p.m., regardless of their level of responsibility. The working day starts quite early at around 8:30 a.m. and ends at around 5:30 p.m., with no real break.

Things that may surprise you in the Netherlands

- Everyone rides a bike, whether it’s raining, snowing or blowing a gale. We recommend investing in a good anorak and waterproof pants. Have you ever seen a bicycle traffic jam apart from at the Tour de France? Well, you will as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands!

- Lunch is eaten on the move : 30 minutes timed by stopwatch! As a result, go for slices of bread rather than “bitterballen”, to avoid burning your throat. Also, expect to dine really early, sometimes as early as 5:30 p.m. !

- It is not surprising that tulips are associated with the Dutch in the collective imagination. In the Netherlands, they have green fingers! Tulip fields that bloom in mid-April at Keukenhof, the largest floral show and most beautiful spring park in the world, come and admire magnificent colourful patchworks of flowers.

- Rotterdam, the largest European port and a vital hub in Europe and worldwide, cannot be ignored. Renowned for its petrochemical industry, logistics activities and cargo ships, Rotterdam also stands out by its bold and avant-garde architecture. You cannot miss the Cube houses, the Erasmusbrug bridge and De Markthal, a covered market that has food stalls on the ground floor and residential apartments above.

- Art lovers will have plenty to keep them busy in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, there is of course the unmissable Van Gogh Museum where you can admire almost 200 paintings and 500 drawings by the Dutch painter and lose yourself in the contemplation of his sunflowers. Another museum worth visiting is the Rijksmuseum. You will discover there the history of the Netherlands and above all masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age such as Vermeer's The Milkmaid and Rembrandt's The Night Watch.

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