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Surface area 78,867 km2
Population 10.5 million
Time difference with France no time difference

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a real driving force for Central Europe. With a higher-than-average GDP growth rate and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, it has based its economy on industry and, more specifically, the automotive sector, which accounts for 10% of its GDP.

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Good to know :

Language Spoken : Czech
Local Currency : Czech Koruna
Capital : Prague

The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.E in the Czech Republic

You already meet the International Internship criteria ?
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- If your situation has only , you can try your luck for a V.I.E assignment in the Czech Republic. Your application will be examined.
- Does your situation have at least one X ? Sorry, the Czech Republic cannot accept you as a V.I.E participant. Above all keep looking ! Other great destinations will be open to you !  

Do you have any doubts about your eligibility ? Feel free to contact us.  

The conditions for undertaking a Business France V.I.A in the Czech Republic

To go to the Czech Republic as a V.I.A, you must fulfil the conditions for accessing the V.I.A.
The administration that is recruiting you is responsible for your residence permit.

Cultural work codes in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the language most used in business is English. In terms of working hours, the Czechs are early risers : they generally start work at 7 a.m., take a short break for lunch and leave work at around 4 p.m.-5 p.m. This allows time for family, friends and leisure !

Building a relationship based on trust with the Czechs requires a little patience. While they may seem a little closed at the start, they are actually very warm. On a daily basis, you will appreciate the resourcefulness of your colleagues. We also say that Czechs have “golden hands” to emphasise the fact that they always find a solution when things seem impossible. Finally, you can expect a lot of self-deprecation from your counterparts: making fun of themselves to deal with the difficulties of life is the philosophy in the Czech Republic.  

Things that may surprise you in the Czech Republic

- The Czech Republic is a land of culture! In earlier times, it was an unmissable destination for classical composers such as Mozart, Smetana and Dvorak. A great cradle of literature, it is the birthplace of major authors such as Franz Kafka, Karel Čapek and Milan Kundera.

- Even today, there is no shortage of concerts, plays, cinemas and exhibitions. The Czech Republic hosts the largest film festival in Central Europe, where film lovers and Hollywood stars meet at Karlovy Vary in screening rooms and bars.

- As you wander the streets, you will be struck by the beauty of Czech architecture. And its richness ! Almost all European architectural styles are covered ! There have been 14 sites registered with UNESCO since 1991. 

- The Czech Republic is the leading contactless payment country in Europe: 90% of payments are contactless. Online sales are also widespread there with 41,000 e-commerce sites.

- You may be surprised to see that at the weekend, Prague is deserted as people move out to the country. This is what we call the “chata” culture. Czechs like to go to their country house to go green.

- The Babylon of taste and smells, Prague is a cosmopolitan city where restaurants offer cuisine from around the world. You should understand that the main course can be sweet and you will often find poppies in your desserts. The Czech Republic is the world's largest food poppy producer.

- In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than water in both supermarkets and restaurants !

- You can’t miss Škoda, the flagship make of car in the Czech Republic, that represents 1 in 4 cars in the country. The importance of the automotive sector does not prevent the Czechs from also having a passion for cycling. Škoda is, moreover, an official partner of the Tour de France.

- The Czechs always put on their slippers at home and also offer slippers to their visitors.

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